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Free your mind

Yesterday, to start of April nicely, I cut you some slack with an airy post about lounging on exotic beaches in various states of undress but today I am going to lead you to an even better place: the de-cluttered minimal mind.

Not mine, I may hastily add. Not yet anyway. But I am getting there thanks to a wonderful blog that I have kept under wraps for a bit but is just too good not to share with you: Into Mind by the lovely Anuschka.

I found her blog by Googling ‘perfect wardrobe’.


You see, after a rather intense dressing-room clean-out recently I found myself left with only what I actually wear, a clearer view of what my style essentially is and a heartfelt urge to not start cluttering everything up again. As a result I haven’t bought anything for the past 2 months *insert applause*.


So it was out of pure curiosity I found Anuschka’s wonderful minimalist website filled with just the affirmation I needed. And then some. Because why stop at your wardrobe?

In our household we already try to live by the rule ‘If you haven’t used it in the past year out it goes.’ and the boring but very effective ‘Everything in its proper place.’. Needless to say, hardly ever does something get lost and although our house is most definitely not ranking high up on the ‘cleanest house on the block list’ (I forcefully detest cleaning) it sure does give out that vibe due to an overall sense of space.


That same sense of space can be reached on several other levels, creating a simpler and more intentional life. Into Mind offers heaps and heaps of useful charts and tips on how to accomplish just that. From finding your personal style to streamlining your beauty routine to creating a social media detox: it is all there.
I may have mentioned before how I am a sucker for to-do lists so imagine my delight at finding this 30-day minimalism challenge chart. I get to cross off stuff!


I was quite amazed at the ease with which I went through the list. Some, like the bedtime ritual or ‘no tv all day’, were already part of my daily life. Others took, well… some effort.
To illustrate: deciding what to do with the 4386 emails in my various inboxes. And please get that shocked look of your faces, I just know I am not the only one out there. After agonizing over it for half a day I decided to be just as rigorous as I am with ‘stuff’ around the house: haven’t looked at it for over a year?


If only I could to the same with the masssive amounts of photos *cough*. It also led me to habitually deleting mails on a daily basis now AND unsubscribing from so many newsletters I lost count. Meditation, setting priorities and defining my goals for this year are the ones I am still spending a lot of time on.

All in all a very pleasurable experience and I invite you to at least take a look and maybe even pick one or two to try yourselves. Perhaps the whole thing makes you wheez and cough and go ‘Hell no!’ but in all seriousness: at times life can be a tangled mess on both emotional and practical level and creating a minimal mind AND space, with some wiggle room, can make all the difference.IMG_20141220_173057_1

Click here for Into Mind
Infographics by Into Mind
Title image and bottom image via Tumblr


  1. Will definitely be picking a few off that list to tackle. You don’t even wanna see my inbox (thank God it’s all electronic or I’d still be buried under a mountain of mail from last time I opened it :O). Will also be checking out the blog itself. Bit of an overall minimal vibe can’t hurt. Thanks for sharing…

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