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Get real

In all fairness, I have absolutely NO business looking at footstools and such, not with several upcoming events that need to be budgeted, like that tennis camp and an exciting week-long foreign trip with a friend for youngest, basketball camp and a spring-getaway-with-his-mum for eldest (if and when he FINALLY decides which city he wants to go to that is) and of course the summer holidays.

But look at it, it is just so pretty in purple. And wouldn’t it look amazing in the bedroom with my black dressing table?



Handcrafted 50’s footstool, available in different colours, at ByHansen

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  1. Step away from that (gorgeous looking) footstool! Haha… Seriously though, sounds like you have more than enough on your (financial) plate as is… (and yes, I am fully aware of the fact that people in glass houses shouldn’t really throw stones, lol).

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