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Out with the old…

…in with the old: I love nothing better than out-of-the-way, historical and possibly even derelict surroundings combined with food, drinks and good company.

Which is why this week I took my lovely and obliging mother-in-law to an old factory on the outskirts of the city of Nijmegen along the river Waal. Now, for my non-Dutch readers, Nijmegen is in the south-east of the Netherlands, about 125 km from Amsterdam, and it is a small university town with heaps of history and historical buildings, one of them being the old Honig factory. As part of a whole factory complex, it stands on true archeological grounds: it used to be a large Roman town called Ulpia Noviomagus, with a harbour, temples and bath houses.


Say ‘Honig’ to any self-respecting Dutchie and the most likely reply will be ‘soup!’. Honig still produces soups, pasta and baking goods but they moved to a different location, and the Honigcomplex itself now houses restaurant De Meesterproef, Blommers Coffee Roasters and coffee bar First Things First, brewery Oersoep, shops, galleries, a weekly market and a variety of small creative companies.

We had lunch at De Meesterproef and I just loved the raw look of the place and how they left so much of its history out in the open, both inside and outside. Excellent salads, very friendly staff, great views over the river and the promise of that terrace on a warm summer night made us vow to come back for a true family dinner soon.



For all info on the Honigcomplex click here

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