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Just don’t look at me.

I am not really the DIY kind of woman you see. Despite my fondness for interior design and an overzealous eagerness to have everything in our house in its proper place at all times (see, that touch of OCD again), I am not the hammer wielding type. Putting together an Ikea trolley or cupboard, sure. But actually building something from scratch, not so much.

As I was browsing the Internet looking for ideas to store my many shoes and/or bags without hiding them away in my closet, I came across this clever AND pretty idea from the lovely blog a pair & a spare. And now I want one for my dressing room.

So here ‘s to SOH reading my blog on a daily basis and picking up on this very subtle hint.


All photos not so subtly taken from a pair & a spare
I also loved her idea for this skateboard shelf


    • Hi there,

      It is lovely isn’t it :-)? But if you read more carefully, I clearly stated in the blogpost this is NOT my DIY project nor my shoe collection 🙂 but taken from colleague blogger A Pair & A Spare. All credit goes to her, I merely borrowed and you can find all the details of how to do this project yourself if you click the links in the blogpost, you will be redireted to A pair & A Spare.

      Thank you for the comment though!


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