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Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend this post is all about the shoes, shall we? And not so much about the fact this is actually my first ever outfit shoot.

Which was fun by the way. My friend Elles and I were doing our very best pretending we weren’t in the least bit bothered by the gusting wind that made her eyes water like the Niagara Falls and me turn a very interesting shade of blue. Or super self-conscious for that matter. Really, it was fun and it will be on repeat.

One thing I have learned so far though: posing IS hard. In a ‘Let’s take 37 shots and then discover we are actually able to use only a few’ kind of hard. So I tip my imaginary hat to all those bloggers out there who have got this posing thing down to a tee.

Now back to those shoes, aren’t they amazing? Also extremely comfortable to walk in. And the best part: they were gifted to me by SOH. All I need now is for the weather to clear up, blue feet unfortunately are a bit of a turn-off.


Shoes at & Other Stories, culottes (winter sale) & shirt at Zara, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, coat H&M (old collection)

Photography: Elles Willems

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