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To perch on a ledge

Look at fashion and you can’t escape the simple fact that with fashion also come models. Over the years I have managed to learn to distinguish between the many different types of models AND of modelling as a profession for that matter because even to my untrained and very much unprofessional eye there are a lot of differences.

I have also taken a real shine to a certain type of model. To name names here: Daria Werbowy, Malgosia Bela, Cat Mcneil and Natasha Poly are the ones at the top of my ‘most drawn to’ list. To me, all four of them exude a certain type of maturity and sensuality and also a propensity to get naked in front of the camera. That last bit actually IS kind of a bold statement. I realize there are plenty of other models out there who fit the same bill but these four really are the ones I, as a person, love to look at.

Now, with that in mind, forgive me for posting this beautiful but to some perhaps too outspoken editorial starring Natasha Poly I found in Lui Magazine.

I just could not NOT.






Lui March 2015
Photographer: Iango Henzi + Luigi Murenu
Fashion Editor: Sally Lyndley
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Makeup: Virginia Young
Model: Natasha Poly

All photos via FashionCopious

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