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Random facts

Someone actually said that to me once “You are cute but there is a devil inside of you.”. So true.

Here are 25 other totally random facts about me:

1 My favourite sitcom is, and always will be, Friends;
2 I am an introvert posing as an extrovert;
3 I used to drink quite a bit of alcohol, but now only a sip or two on very special occasions;
4 I adore Jaguars;
5 I need to wear glasses as I am nearsighted but out of vanity only wear them when I really have to;
6 I am also too scared to get my eyes lasered;
7 My lucky number is seven;
8 I run 5km everyday;
9 I am an American Studies drop-out;
10 I used to be a bookseller but now I work part-time as a social media manager in the restaurant business;
11 My favourite book is ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ by John Irving;
12 My worst trait has to be that I am very very VERY impatient;
13 Very annoying: my left foot is almost a whole size bigger than my right foot;
14 Annoying for everyone around me: I wear sunglasses all the time, even in winter as I have trouble dealing with bright skies and too much light;
15 I have had a back hernia twice;
16 I love the fact I have two sons. And no, I do not wish I’d had a daughter;
17 SOH and I will celebrate our 24th anniversary this year;
18 I might be 43 but I really feel more 34. No, 31. Let’s make that 30;
19 I have one sister;
20 I used to have a bleached-white pixie cut;
21 I dislike cleaning but I am always tidying up, very much bordering on OCD I suppose;
22 I am 5’6 tall;
23 Shopping is a solo thing for me;
24 One thing I always wanted to try is to take singing lessons;
25 When I was a little girl my dream was to become an actress or writer;


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