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Keeping it real

Christmas is getting nearer (and no, that tree is still not where it is supposed to be, but thank you for asking) and the Internet is brimming with everything gift-related: what to get, where to buy and how to wrap. Social media, and the blogging world in particular, is positively heaving with wish-lists and beautifully designed photo collages of luxury items to get for your loved ones. Or to not so subtly hint with at significant others who may or may not have a clue what to get.

I love it.
I really do.

I get a lot of inspiration just by looking at the photos, sometimes clicking on links to see where I can buy it. I admire the curating skills of my fellow bloggers, knowing very well the huge amounts of time you really need to invest in these things. And more often than not I happen upon brands or designers I had not heard of before, which is always a treat.

I don’t feel an urgent need to buy most items though because somehow with age (cough) you develop a sense of ‘it will not make me happier to have everything’ and ‘we need to get the house painted’. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving presents and my own blog posts indeed show luxury brands and stuff I’d love to have.

But what gets me more often than not are the price tags. I have seen plenty of products pass by this week labeled ‘presents that won’t break the bank’. On closer inspection you find yourself staring at candles of around the 60 euro mark. Or heels worth 250 euros. It might not break the bank for some but for me it would be a case of ‘just that one present and nothing else’.
Now this is not about passing judgement. On anyone. On the contrary, I am positive money needs to be spent to keep the economy going and the giving and receiving of gifts is an absolute joy.

This is actually about me and my blog. Because I have come to the realization I can’t keep up with the more common blogger pattern of ‘spend & show’. I spend, yes. But not sufficiently so to be able to show new buys on my blog every other day. This, and the fact that our tree is still not up and decorated, has been on my mind these past few days. And I am going to play around with it: the direction it will take me and foremost how to stay true to myself. Because that to me is the essence of blogging: keeping it real.

Now about 2.7 seconds after typing these words Mr. Murphy came round waving his sodding law in my face: my SOH presented me, for no reason at all, with a very beautiful gift. One I will tell you about later this weekend.
But right now I have important other stuff to do, like untangling those Christmas tree lights. Because they never seem to come out of the box the way you put them in. And that is real too.



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