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I should be a guy

With a beard. Then I would be living in this loft in Amsterdam. Sitting at the table with my guy-friends-with-beards eating steak, just slightly seared, and a salad, because you know, we ARE watching our carb intake. But with wine. Good wine. And telling stories about how and where I got all those knickknacks lying about in a carefully arranged manner.


After dinner we’d be chilling on that leather sofa watching a film, something with Steve McQueen. Or Jack Nicholson. Because we are kinda heavily into bad-ass non-heroes.

Alright, we want to BE Steve McQueen.

Unknown-120-660x881Unknown-310-660x441Unknown-134-660x439 Unknown-411-660x990

And after my buddies had gone to their own amazing bachelor pads (think refurbished warehouses and churches) I’d take a long bath while smoking a cigar. And climb inbetween my crisp linens thinking “Phew, survived another day without that plane-thingy crashing down on our heads”.

Unknown-125-660x439 Unknown-1110-660x439 Unknown-106-660x439

But seriously: A-MA-ZING.

But also seriously: really not too sure about that plane-thingy.


all photos via Airows

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