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In the eye of the beholder

I came across this funny image below while organizing my photo stock and…oh wait, one step back. ‘Organizing my photo stock’, who am I trying to fool here?


So I came across this funny image purely by chance because I was actually looking for something else entirely and because I make such a mess of my photo libraries (yes, multiples) this sort of thing happens way too often.






It’s a thing. And one I have never tried before. But I really want to. I find it so alluring. But I just know I will make an amazing mess of it. Like I already do everyday with my smudgy kohl pencil but which I cleverly get away with as it just about falls in the sex-factor category. And I go through a rather amazing amount of Q-tips everyday to achieve those smokey under-eye shambles so there you go.

I’ve been looking at tutorials on how to do this thing without blinding myself with eyeliner chemicals and decided I need to go shopping. Eyeliner shopping. I do not like shopping for make-up because it usually takes a minimum of 3 products that turn out to be all wrong before finally hitting upon the one thing that makes me happy (case in point: 4 red lipsticks so far and not one I can live with). And my dislike of throwing money down the drain being well-known I’ll gladly take any tips and pointers.

In exchange I just might entertain you with a little running commentary on my progress. Or lack of it. As I am quite sure SOH will look on in wonder and at some point mutter something along the lines of “Why do women put themselves through this crap?”. He could not tell the difference between mascara, kohl or eyeliner if his life depended on it. And to the eye with which he beholds me I do not need any black stuff around my eyes. Period.

Bless his heart.





  1. Lol I know how you feel about smudgey eyeliner. From my experience, just always get the waterproof liners and don’t be afraid to try different types of liner (gel, kohl, liquid) ’till you find one that works.


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