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For that daily pee-in-your-pants moment

As most of you must have noticed (and if you haven’t you are probably not on social media of any kind), it was that time of the year again this past week: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014.
Hosted this year in London and boy, was there a never-ending social media frenzy going on in the month leading up to it: models working out, models knackered in bed, models eating healthily, models hugging models, models backstage and models on stage.


Besides my usual open-mouthed gaping (Those abs! Those legs! Please quit the duckfaces on Instagram ladies!) and muttering about the total unlikelihood of me EVER buying anything that is labeled VS (as it all looks highly uncomfortable to be honest) I also noticed a gaggle of fashion bloggers featuring heavily this past week. On the plane, attending the show and at the after party. All acting excited and happy. Of course they would be. Hell, I would be too if I am completely honest. These fashion bloggers I am pretty sure however do not own one piece of Victoria’s Secret among them (but if they do, let me know and I will stand corrected).


But this is a media event. One that gives a lot of exposure to everyone involved, including fashion bloggers. And it is an event that matters moneywise, no matter how silly it all may seem. Because let’s face it, whereas the show seems to center on women, and then mainly on what they are NOT wearing and their outstanding physique, the timing of it is not completely accidental.

Repeat after me:

“It is almost Christmas. Men want to buy a sexy present for the women they love.”

That’s it. The focus of the show is on men. Not women.

Men like to look at semi-naked women (okay, confession: I actually do too), have basically no clue what to buy (you know this is true) and so fall into the Victoria’s Secret trap. Because those amazing models on stage have got to be so happy because of the underwear they are showing. Right? Right.


But, to be honest, it is all very much enjoyable: cheerful, festive and smiles all around. As many others have said before me (and I surely don’t claim to be an original here): so nice to see smiling women in fashion. True that.

And the organization does seem to have a huge sense of humour. I mean Hozier? At a lingerie show?635531418751197643-459845196-10

In case you are in need of some smiling yourself, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you the lovely ladies of Go Fug Yourself. Who do an amazingly hilarious running commentary on, well, anything fashion. And the one they did on the Victoria’s Secret show is worth the look. Keep those spare panties ready!

Click here for the GFY rundown on the show.


ps doesn’t Doutzen Kroes look amazing? She is the best. Period.

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