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Let’s trade

There are bloggers I admire for their style, photography or witty writing. And then there are those I want to trade lives with for a week of so just because I really REALLY like where they live on top of everything else.

Take Hanna. She runs the very attractive fashion blog Hanna Stefansson that makes you wish you were living somewhere in Sweden, hanging out with your Swedish cool friends having breakfast at various very hip and trendy Swedish coffee places.


Hanna lives in Gothenburg and I just love the Scandinavian vibe that radiates from her photos. The colours are of the ‘not in your face’ kind, the lighting is wonderfully subdued and her own personal and very minimal style speaks to me in volumes. Her food and travel photos also make me come back everyday to see what she is up to.

Hanna wears a lot of Cos, a brand I personally like a lot. I own two of their summer dresses and a simple white t-shirt of excellent quality but unfortunately whenever I shop there most of it just doesn’t seem to look right on me. I can only guess Hanna is a lot taller than I am and therefore she carries the clothes and not the other way round.


She and her boyfriend are often out and about with friends AND photographed together and that makes her all the more likable. With an impressive collection of coats and her accessories kept to a minimum, there is one other thing about her that really stands out: her smile. And I love happy bloggers.



Click here for Hanna’s blog
Check out the Cos collection here

all photos from the Hanna Stefansson blog

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