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Normal to the core

‘Mum…what are you doing?’
‘Staring at my laptop. Doh.’
‘Yes but why?
‘I am trying to come up with something witty to say about normcore. It is either that or a big blank space on my blog tomorrow.’
‘Normcore. It is a fashionterm to describe a style that is ehm…well…normal. I think?’
‘Mum? Get real please.’

He also told me to get myself to bed as it was eleven o’ clock at night when we had this conversation and added ‘Really, no one will notice if there IS a blank space on your blog tomorrow and sleep is more important, yes?’.

So: get real and get some sleep. But he is twelve. What does he know.
The question is: am I normcore?

This is what the Urban Dictionary has to say on the matter:

1 Ultra-conformist
2 Deconstructing fashion by purposely dressing blank or dull
3 cool

None of the above. Although I hesitated over no 3.

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-29 om 23.55.07

Normcore, ‘normal’ and ‘hard core’ joined together, is actually a term coined by K-Hole, a New York trend forecasting collective, with which they did not mean to describe a look or  fashion at all but an attitude: sameness being the new cool. Which apparently then proceeded to translate itself via various self-pronounced hipsters into mom jeans, bland sweatshirts, white socks and old skool sneakers. Reason enough for K-Hole to say “They are getting it all wrong!”. Indeed they do.



Execute a quick Google search on the term and you will find plenty of words on the matter, with the fire starter being this article in NY Magazine but these words in Dazed Digital say it clearly:

‘Normcore represents a fluidity of identity that’s emerging in youth culture: a willingness to forego a consistent individuality in order to embrace acceptance.’

As I understand it correctly, this does not mean you get to walk around in a fleece exuding all things hip. Rather, it means ‘Be flexible. White socks optional.’

No white socks for me though. I am definitely not normcore. Minimal, yes. Parisian chic wannabe, sure. And many hours on Tumblr and Pinterest has taught me the original normcore gets confused with minimal so often even Phoebe Philo gets labelled normcore every now and then. How wrong is that?

My very normal teenager telling me to go to bed and stop being so hardcore about getting a new blog post up: now THAT is normcore.

Mix it up and be you.


Images via Pinterest




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