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Remember the name

I don’t recall having seen this brand anywhere in the Netherlands before but it is definitely worth having a look: Uterqüe. I am told it is Zara’s younger and pricier sister and there are certainly resemblances. Uterqüe might suit the more conservative woman better though than Zara does and the collection is also a lot less crowded.

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Their AW14 campaign looks pretty fierce but they won me over with the Jogging Deluxe collection: a masculine slouchy cut in soft fabrics, right up my street. Perfect for strolling around the city and comfortable enough to play couch potato in.



8 7  10


Unfortunately I have absolutely no love for their bag collection but I do like their sneakers, especially the pointy white ones.

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And this ring is one for the wishlist.

4525800302_2_2_2 4525800302_2_3_2


Click here for the full Uterqüe collection.



All photos by Uterqüe






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