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There can be only one (maybe two)

Recently I had the following text message exchange (I know, not cool) with my significant other half, SOH for short:

“The men at Starbucks look way more hip than i do.”
“Hon? Starbucks is not very cool.”
“Alright but they still look hip to me.”
“Well perhaps you should buy some cool clothes then? After all, you are now a blogger’s other half. A BOH…”


I have to admit I laughed uncontrollably at my own little quip. You see, my SOH does not really care for the world of fashion. He knows what he likes and buys just that. For the next 20 years or so. A jeans & shirt guy at heart.

Still, he supports what I do. Tries to limit his remarks concerning rail-thin models and overpriced handbags. Looks interested when I point out the difference between culottes and shorts. Consented to me scribbling this bit about him. And the other day my eldest informed me “Did you know dad bought a REALLY cool pair of jeans?”

No I did not.
What a boss.

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