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Looking good

As of writing not yet available but I am pretty sure this linen blazer at Zara will go quickly. H&M actually did a very popular beige linen blazer last year, every other blogger had one in fact, but I found it to be too stiff and too oversized to look good on me. Perhaps this one will be different? Read More

Just in

After a truly intense clear-out the other week I ended up donating about 3/4 of my entire wardrobe to the Salvation Army (and this does include shoes and bags). I could clearly hear SOH mutter several times while he was hauling the bin bags ‘If you have got this much stuff to get rid of you definitely do not need to buy anything for the next 5 years.’. Read More


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Eye candy

Quite sure this chair and bench combo from H&M Home will not be the most comfortable to rest on for a longer period of time. But it looks oh so pretty just over there in the corner. Read More

Going on record

The idea was for me to go look for acrylic trays on the Zara Home website. And then I got sidelined by their homewear section, in particular by this 4-piece linen set ( I say ‘set’ but the pieces are all sold separately). Read More

Wish list

These look amazing but as per usual, the wearability/fit may be an issue. Or am I the only one to worry about toes popping out at the sides? Anyway, as of writing they were not available in my size yet and Zara actually also recommends to size up in them so…hmmm. Read More

Colour debate

It says on the website the colour of this fab looking dress is dark green. Now, I hate it when this happens: on the photo it really looks more like, I don’t know, teal maybe? Which to me is on the blue spectrum. Only way to find out is by actually ordering it, as there is now no longer a Massimo Dutti brick & mortar store in my hometown. Argh! Read More

Grown up dressing

A few of the items of the Committed collection I have my eye on at Mango: may be a ‘hit or miss’ situation as Mango can be quite erratic when it comes to fit and sizing but they do tick all of my boxes. Read More


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As per usual I am a bit late to the game: saw this film the other day, love this song. Read More