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Unfortunately all these styles at Retold are already sold by I am keeping my eyes peeled for a silky blouse. Read More

Wish list

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Just yes

Scratch yesterday’s dress shall we? Because this one from Arket just screams ‘You will wear me for years and years to come.’ Read More

Yes or no

Let me start by saying that of my last 5 Zara orders I kept exactly zero pieces. It was just that bad. And so I actually went into the store last week to see if that would help: seeing the clothes with my own two eyes first and trying them on then and there. Read More


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The bare shoulder

There is something about showing shoulders and shoulder blades: teasing without being overtly bare. It also makes for very easy dressing in light of parties and date nights. Read More

All white

So love this. Read More

Bite Studios

Came across Bite Studios on Instagram just now and besides enjoying their outstanding feed, I also wholeheartedly agree with their philosophy: Read More

Looking good

As of writing not yet available but I am pretty sure this linen blazer at Zara will go quickly. H&M actually did a very popular beige linen blazer last year, every other blogger had one in fact, but I found it to be too stiff and too oversized to look good on me. Perhaps this one will be different? Read More

Just in

After a truly intense clear-out the other week I ended up donating about 3/4 of my entire wardrobe to the Salvation Army (and this does include shoes and bags). I could clearly hear SOH mutter several times while he was hauling the bin bags ‘If you have got this much stuff to get rid of you definitely do not need to buy anything for the next 5 years.’. Read More